Enterprise GDPR compliance

Enterprise GDPR-yhteensopivuus

The AI ​​Commerce online store offers full GDPR compliance at the Enterprise level. This means that every visitor to the website is monitored carefully and to the fullest extent permitted by law for conversions.

Customers and merchants have a unique opportunity to customize their GDPR settings according to their own preferences. This provides great flexibility and control for both visitors and online store owners.

Benefits of the GDPR update:

  1. Full GDPR compliance: A unique tracking and conversion solution ensures that every visitor to your website is protected and that their data is processed in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

  2. Building visitor trust: Offering visitors the ability to customize their own GDPR settings builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to respecting data protection.

  3. Manage your own settings: Both customers and merchants can easily adjust and customize GDPR settings to meet their own needs, creating a better user experience.

  4. Customizable solutions: Individual settings enable customized settings for different users and help online store owners better understand the needs of their visitors.

  5. Compliance without compromise: Providing full GDPR compliance without loss of business efficiency.

In summary, the AI ​​Commerce online store offers a unique way to combine full GDPR compliance with powerful conversion tracking, while giving both visitors and merchants the ability to manage and customize their privacy settings.

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