Unlimited product options and their utilization in the online store

Rajattomat tuoteoptiot ja niiden hyödyntäminen verkkokaupassa

AI Commerce has brought a revolutionary approach: the ability to create endless product options from a single product.

Imagine a product like a bicycle with a base price. Many customers may like this product, but everyone may have their own wishes or needs regarding the product. This is where product options come into play – the customer's ability to add or change product features, which determines the final price of the product.

What makes product options attractive to an online retailer?

  1. Customization: Customers can customize the product to meet their exact needs. For example, in bicycles, different sizes, colors or materials can be selected and affect the final price.

  2. Dynamic price formation: In addition to the base price, options shape the final price. This can help cover the cost of manufacturing the product and provide added value and flexibility in pricing.

  3. Expanding the product range: You can create numerous different options from one product, which enables a wide selection without a large inventory.

  4. Utilization of data analytics: Product options bring valuable information about customer preferences. Online retailers can use this information to plan better marketing and future product developments.

  5. Improving the user experience: A clear and easy-to-use user interface enables customers to easily choose options and place an order.

Examples of using product options in the online store:

  1. Bicycles: Choose a color, size, material, etc.
  2. Decoration products: Choose a pattern, size, frame material, etc.
  3. Electronics: Choose memory, additional features, color, etc.


AI Commerce's product options open up new opportunities for online retailers, offering a customizable experience for customers. The diversification of the product range, the flexibility of pricing and the utilization of data analytics are just a few of the advantages that this innovation offers to the e-commerce business.

Ultimately, this leads to better customer satisfaction, growing business and long-term success in online shopping.

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