Better usability and easier navigation with mobile app-like navigation

Parempi käytettävyys ja helpompi navigointi mobiiliappin omaisella navigaatiolla

On mobile, the navigation placed at the bottom improves the usability of the user interface by providing easier access to important sections, such as product categories, the shopping cart and the search function. Users can easily navigate between different sections without the need to scroll page up and down.

Better reachable when using with one hand

The bottom navigation is perfect for one-handed mobile use, because the user does not have to remove his hand to navigate the site.

Providing a familiar user experience to mobile application users

When the Mobile version of the online store resembles the user interfaces of mobile applications, it offers a familiar and comfortable user experience for those who are used to mobile applications.

More efficient use of the site on mobile devices

Navigation placed at the bottom helps to make more efficient use of smaller mobile device screens by freeing up more space on the screen for important images and texts.

In summary, the bottom navigation in the mobile version of the online store offers users an easier and more efficient way to navigate the site, while providing a familiar user experience from mobile applications. A better user experience, on the other hand, leads to better engagement and purchasing behavior in the online store.

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