Where did it all start?

The most automated online store on the market

It all started 12 years ago when we weren't satisfied with the rigid e-commerce solutions available on the market. In the entrepreneurial circle, the idea arose to create an online store that would be as cost-effective as possible, and in order to achieve this goal, they wanted to build a lot of automation into the online store so that manual work could be minimized. Since 2011, we have been developing e-commerce technology with this goal in mind.

Cooperative development

The entrepreneurs' circle of friends noticed the technological progress of online shopping, and it wasn't long before four other online retailers in the circle of friends started using the platform. New merchants join through referrals from old merchants. Technology is rapidly growing more scalable and dynamic. Functionalities develop with new deals, especially in the B2B sector.

OrtePHP is now

AI Commerce Cloud

In 2022, we renewed our online shopping platform to use the latest and fastest technology. With the new technology, the online store is now also available as a PWA, i.e. Progressive Web Application. PWA combines the best aspects of traditional online stores and mobile applications, offering end customers an even smoother shopping experience. Implementing a customized and individual online store has never been easier.

With the new architecture, the renewed platform is named AI Commerce Cloud.

The market's leading artificial intelligence-implanted online store

Our next goal is to create a market-leading online store equipped with artificial intelligence, which offers a unique and immersive shopping experience with its implanted features.

The new AI technology will further enhance AI Commerce's original vision of the most automated online store on the market.