Increase the average purchase with customized product packages

Ai-commerce bundle

Instead of the customer having to search the online store for compatible products one by one, you can give them a series of products in a combination package at a low price. This solution offers a win-win situation for both buyers and online retailers. As an online retailer, you get the opportunity for additional/cross-selling, while your customers can buy a pre-designed product package with one click.

    Ai-commerce bundle

    The AI ​​Commerce Bundle offers the following benefits:

    1. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling: Bundle allows individual products to be bundled together, allowing you to offer customers products that go well together or complement each other.

    2. Promotions and Offers: You can create attractive promotional packages, for example "complete package for X price".

    3. User experience: Customers get the opportunity to find all the products they need at one time and at one price, which can make the shopping experience more pleasant and make decision-making easier.

    4. Inventory Management: By packing products together, you can manage your inventory more efficiently and facilitate the sale of products that are harder to sell.

    Increasing the average purchase is an easy way to increase online store sales, even if the amount of time spent is not increased.

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