Innovative change - Headless online store, PIM and ERP integration in a multi-store bicycle chain

Nordic Bike Group (NBG) is a Finnish association of bike shops, which was established to offer higher quality services and wider selections through close cooperation of partner shops. NBG strives to be the first choice for customers considering purchasing cycling related products by providing a unified customer experience across every sales channel.

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Platforms and technologies

AI Commerce Cloud, Akeneo PIM, More ERP

Business area

B2C, A bicycle chain of five independent shops


Sports Equipment, Retail

The challenges

Before the reform, NBG suffered from many problems that reduced the company's efficiency, increased costs and reduced the number of purchase conversions.

Decentralized and time-consuming product management

The bicycle chain of five shops each operates its own independent ERP system, which made the maintenance of product data decentralized and time-consuming.

Lack of product information

Over 40,000 SKUs and a lack of control over a large volume of data, resulting in inconsistent product information across disparate sales channels, leading to confusion and inefficiency within the organization.

Site appearance and usability

The site was not modern and did not focus enough on the user experience. They wanted to transform the online store into an agile and sales-driven channel.

Solutions and reforms

The reform of NBG's online store was implemented in cooperation with Petrosoft , choosing the solution provider that knows the platform best. The reform focused on the following areas:

Seamless integration

AI Commerce's open interface supports the integration of any external system as part of the online store. In the case of NBG, five independent bike shops each managed their own independent ERP system. Decentralized management made maintenance difficult and time-consuming. A solution to the challenge was found by smoothly integrating each store's ERP system into Akeneo PIM and the AI ​​Commerce Cloud online store. This made it possible to centralize and automate the management of product data using Akeneo PIM, which serves as a unified platform for maintaining product data for all stores. As a result, product information can be updated in real time through all sales channels, which makes the whole process faster, reduces the workload of the personnel significantly and enables multi-channel sales.

The presentation layer was built as a PWA implementation

We renewed the online store using Progressive Web App technology, which enables an app-like user experience on mobile devices. Previously, the independent operation of each online store in its own complex environment prevented the efficient utilization of the advantages offered by the bike chain. The AI ​​Commerce Cloud headless user interface supports fast component-specific updates, which enables, for example, the display of product balances of separate stores in real time. Thanks to this, customers can order products from any available store and pick them up at the store most convenient for them, which significantly improves the efficiency of the service and the multi-channel customer experience.

Renewing the exterior

The limitations of the old monolithic online store compared to the needs of the bike chain led to the development of a new, more sales-oriented and dynamic headless user interface. The reform focused in particular on the considerable improvement of the user experience, which was implemented by bringing out new innovations, such as employee bicycle ordering, optimizing mobile use for product findability and a clear view of the availability of products in different stores. These improvements and other implemented functions were designed to boost upsells and increase the level of purchase conversion.

Before after

Drag the cursor on the image to see a before-and-after comparison of Nummenpyörä's online store user interface updates that were made when moving to the AI ​​Commerce Cloud online store platform.




AI Commerce Cloud enables innovative further development

  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android mobile apps are under development to improve the loyalty program and customer engagement. Thanks to the renewed technological headless architecture, the renewal takes place efficiently and effortlessly.

  • Technological package: Akeneo PIM + headless online store and real-time interfaces enable unlimited customization and the innovation and implementation of new features without a heavy cost structure.

NBG's online store reform is a perfect example of how, with the help of technology and close cooperation, NBG has set new standards for the retail sale of cycling products.

Online shopping is an important part of modern commerce, regardless of industry. Since it is a chain that includes several stores, it was important for us to find an online store that would make development both at the beginning and in the future easy. The same functional e-commerce platform and integrations make it easier to work together between our stores and still enable each store to have its own identity.

Jari Petäjä - CEO Nummen Pyörähuolto Oy

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