Ledstore x AI Commerce

A more efficient and customized online store - LedStore's transition to AI Commerce

Platforms and technologies

AI Commerce, Akeneo

Business area

Households and companies


LED lighting solutions

LedStore is a Finnish company that specializes in offering high-quality LED lighting solutions for both households and businesses. The company's online store is not only an order channel, but also serves as a tool for engaging and training customer relationships and supports service and offline sales.

LedStore has grown steadily over the years and is now targeting the international market. To achieve this goal, the company decided to move from the Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce platform to the AI ​​Commerce e-commerce platform. The new platform better meets LedStore's growth goals by offering more efficient customer relationship management, wider training opportunities and more versatile support for services and offline sales.

Magento challenges before migration

On the Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce platform, LedStore faced significant challenges with technical debt. Several different plugins and add-ons had accumulated on the platform, the coordination and maintenance of which caused continuous functional disturbances and slowed down the development work.

Heavy maintenance and slowness of further development

On the Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce platform, the challenges of further development and version updates were time-consuming and expensive. Each update required a significant amount of work and budget, which slowed down or completely prevented the introduction of new features.


LedStore wanted to expand its business to the international market, which required a scalable and flexible e-commerce platform. Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce did not provide enough support to manage complex international markets.

Performance weakness and mobile optimization

In the Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce online store, efficiency and performance problems also emerged as a significant problem, which directly affected the metrics of technical SEO. At the same time, limitations in mobile optimization weakened the user experience after Google switched to mobile-first indexing after 2018.

Before after

Optimization of Google's technical SEO metrics in connection with the transfer.


AI Commerce


Implementation of the transfer to the AI ​​Commerce platform

The transition to the AI ​​Commerce platform was carried out in a planned and comprehensive manner. The process included, among other things, the following steps:

Comprehensive data migration

A comprehensive data migration from the Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce platform to the AI ​​Commerce platform was implemented for LedStore. The data migration included, among other things, the transfer of customer, product and order data, as well as reviews and other relevant information, so that everything remained unchanged and was immediately available on the new platform.

Implementation of necessary features and seamless integration

LedStore used several plugins, from which only the necessary parts were transferred to AI Commerce natively, without extra and unused features. In addition, thanks to AI Commerce's open API, the platform enables the seamless integration of the best-suited solutions for Ledstore in the future as well.

Maintaining SEO visibility

Over the years, the already acquired SEO visibility was maintained with the help of comprehensive redirections. In addition, the store's technical SEO improved significantly during the transfer, which improves search engine visibility and brings more organic traffic to the online store.

Renewal of the user interface

In connection with the transfer, the user interface of the online store was also renewed for LedStore. The new user interface is modern, intuitive and mobile-friendly, which improves the customer experience and increases conversions.

Old/renewed user interface




Results and benefits

The AI ​​Commerce e-commerce solution has proven to be a successful decision for LedStore, offering, among other things, the following additional benefits

Scalability for international markets

AI Commerce's AI-based sales tool for international trade effectively supports LedStore's expansion into international markets, offering, among others, multilingualism, country-specific customs borders, complete currency support, country-specific VAT, etc.

Cost effectiveness

The constant burden of maintenance and error correction has been removed, and the costs of further development and updates have been significantly reduced, which has freed up resources for other important investments and development projects.

Better customer experience and performance

A more efficient and faster online shopping platform and a renewed modern user interface have improved the customer experience, which is reflected positively in sales and customer feedback.