On this page, we would like to highlight some publicly available updates that we have implemented in our OrtePHP online store. We are constantly investing in developing new features, improving performance and optimizing the user experience so that we can offer you an even better online shopping experience.

SPA (Single-Page-Application)

We renewed the architecture of our online shopping platform to use the latest and fastest technology.

The OrtePHP Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform is a reactive SPA (Single-Page-Application). Thanks to modern technology, loading times for even larger online stores are less than 1s.

Over the years, the Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform has been built with hundreds of components, integrations, and proven features that allow you to create completely unique experiences that are customized based on your company's business needs and goals. Implementing a customized and individual online store has never been easier.

Creating dynamic ads on TikTok

This new feature allows our merchants to create dynamic ads on TikTok, the currently popular social media platform.

Our TikTok Event API allows us to pass visitor information to TikTok's advertising algorithms. This helps us target ads intelligently and provide our users with interesting content.

Mass printing of orders prioritizes foreign orders

In the future, mass printing of orders will only print foreign orders awaiting processing in the first run. The next run prints domestic orders. Mechanically separating foreign and domestic orders speeds up and clarifies the order processing process.

Extensive update - Page Builder

The tool makes it very easy to create a new page and its content with the WYWSIWYG editor. The tool is handy for preparing SEO articles, for example, and the contents of information pages are also automatically translated into all selected languages.

Add a sales manager for the customer

Create a sales order for the customer with the order, like any product that you want to give to the customer for free under the terms of your choice.

The creation of a new domain name and language version is performed by artificial intelligence

AI artificial intelligence autonomously translates the content of the online store Front fully into the target language when the desired language is added to the page. No further configuration is needed as the process is fully automated for artificial intelligence.

After the texts are proofread by a local freelancer, the site is 100% localized and ready to compete for local visibility in organic searches in the target language on Google.

OrtePHP integrates with Shipit

With the help of the interface, you can use competitively priced freight options. In addition, all address cards can be printed from the store management with one click, including foreign customs forms. In Shipit, you can also use open contracts, if you have negotiated with the courier for cheaper freight rates than them.

New Paytrail interface and renewed checkout

After Paytrail bought Checkout Finland, they ended up using the payment interface built by Checkout. The old interface will stop working by June 2022. I built support for the new interface in the store, and with it, the codes related to the cash register and the purchase process were renewed on a large scale. The new codes are simpler, more stable and more dynamic than the previous ones. The appearance also received a significant update (UI) and the user interface (UIX) was extensively renewed. The renewed UIX helps the customer to buy even more effortlessly.

SEO updates

Font icons have been abandoned in accordance with Google's recommendations and have been replaced by SVG icons.

Dynamic discounts for the front page

Products on sale are also dynamically available on the front page.

OrtePHP Live Chat available

Since load time is one of the most significant, if not the single most significant variable in terms of SEO, it is important to keep the load time as short as possible. OrtePHP Live Chat does not slow down the pages at all, because the HTML is less than 1 kilobyte when it is not activated. 🚀 For comparison, Zendesk Live Chat is about 475 kilobytes.