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Rastec Sisälogistiikka Oy is a reliable supplier of internal logistics with decades of experience. The company's foundation is in strong monitoring of technical development and customer-oriented, cost-effective solutions. The company's logistics centers further strengthen Rastec's delivery reliability and speed up delivery times, establishing the company's position at the forefront of the market.

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Platforms and technologies

AI Commerce Cloud, ERP

Business area

B2B, wholesale


Internal logistics

The challenges

Despite Rastec's strong market position, the company faced challenges in finding products and services within the online store and measuring the offline sales of services that came to the online store through several marketing channels. Together, these challenges undermined the effectiveness of the company's omnichannel commerce.

Findability of products and services in the online store

Through user tests, it was found that it was difficult for customers to find what they wanted when the online store presented a wide range of products, many locations and different services at the same time.

Developing the measurement of offline sales that came through the online store

Measuring offline sales data from multi-channel marketing in the online store turned out to be difficult, which limited the utilization of the company's sales potential and multi-channel strategy.

Site appearance and usability

The site was not modern and did not focus enough on the user experience. They wanted to transform the online store into an agile and sales-driven channel.

Solutions and reforms

In order to clarify the challenges encountered, Rastec carried out a thorough e-business discovery (discovery) with Petrosoft , as a result of which the need to update the outdated monolithic e-commerce solution emerged. With the renewal, the company switched to the AI ​​Commerce Cloud platform, which utilizes a modular headless architecture. This change has significantly improved the speed of introducing new functionalities to the market and increased business flexibility.

Headless user interface

The renewal process started with a thorough UI/UX analysis and plan, the main goal of which was to improve the discoverability of the products and enhance the personalization of the site. In this context, several usability improvements were implemented in the online store, such as a renewed mega menu, product navigation integrated at the edge of the page, product delineation based on customized attributes, a more advanced request for offer management system, a comprehensive FAQ-master tool and personalized product collections with interactive product cards.

AI Commerce Open API

As a solution to the challenges associated with offline sales in e-commerce, AI Commerce Cloud is integrated with Google's GA4 Measurement Protocol API. Thanks to this integration, transactions added to the online store, such as contacts and phone calls, can be accurately measured, providing valuable information about their quantities and values. This enables further development of the online store based on the collected data. At the same time, the utilization of AICC's WordPress API enabled the customization of the service offering and the integration of metrics that follow offline sales, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of service sales marketing strategies.

User-friendly customer experience

From the beginning, we have focused on providing a user-friendly customer experience. This applies to product-related inquiries, requests for offers from larger entities, company-specific prices, as well as to the user experience of the PWA mobile application. The implemented solutions have ensured an even better user experience in all areas.

Before after

Drag the cursor on the image to see a before-and-after comparison of Rastec's front-end user interface updates made when moving to the AI ​​Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform.



Further development of KPI Meters and growth of online business

With the reform, Rastec has started monitoring and further development of KPI metrics in both online and offline sales, implemented together with service partner Petrosoft . Improved findability of products and services enhances the customer's shopping experience. The implementation of offline sales metrics provides valuable information that enables better performance monitoring and continuous optimization of sales.

Rastec's commitment to customer service

Rastec Sisälogistiikka Oy's transformation journey with AI Commerce highlights how technology and innovation can be used to solve business challenges, improve customer experience and increase sales. The company continues its efforts to be the best possible partner in the field of internal logistics, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology.

AI Commerce is a good choice for companies that value page loading speed and automation. AI Commerce also offers ready-made integrations, e.g. ERP systems, PIM, warehouse management software and payment services.

Roope Mäkelä, Online Store Manager - Rastec Sisälogistiikka Oy

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