The online store optimizes the format of product images

Aicommerce tuotekuvat

Online retailers no longer have to worry about managing images of different sizes or formats at all. Now the images uploaded to the online store can be in any format, be it WebP, JPG, PNG or another format. The online store automatically optimizes the images to the best possible size, quality and aspect ratio for each end user's browser. This innovative system fully automates the process, ensuring the best possible user experience for your customers.

The automation works regardless of how the images are imported into the system – whether they come from CSV files or other interfaces such as ERP . In this way, each visitor is automatically offered optimal image versions while browsing the online store. For example, the user of the Apple Retina display is offered a higher quality image than the user of an older generation phone. In this way, the online store ensures the best possible level of efficiency and user experience, whatever the customer's device. This automation saves the trader considerable time and ensures the best end result.

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