GA4 Measurement Protocol API makes conversion tracking more efficient

GA4 Measurement Protocol API

In the AI ​​Commerce online store, the GA4 Measurement Protocol API has been implemented alongside the traditional Analytics Measurement Protocol API. The problem with previous javascript-based analytics was losing tracking in some browsers, such as Apple's Safari, even if the customer had accepted cookies. This deficiency leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the entire marketing monitoring.

The Measurement Protocol interface developed by Google can be used to track the same actions as a javascript tracking pixel. However, only very few websites use the interface because it is practically designed for applications and offline environments, and its technical integration is many times more laborious than a tracking pixel.

A traditional Javascript tracking pixel also slows down pages, because the collected data is sent to Google with each page load by the browser. For some functions, several connection requests are required, which slows down the page load time by up to hundreds of milliseconds.

New However, with the GA4 Measurement Protocol API, data can be collected even when the operating system prevents tracking. We are still able to track customer arrivals and conversions if the customer has given tracking permission in accordance with GDPR requirements. This enables more accurate and comprehensive monitoring, improving marketing optimization and efficiency. In addition, s euranta no longer slows down the page load time by only a tenth of a millisecond.

By using Facebook API, Google API and AI Commerce chat, store pages can be loaded without a single script or connection request to third-party servers. By doing this, the total loading time of the front page is dropped to about 250 milliseconds.

The speed of the pages is the most significant single measure in terms of search engine visibility (at least which can be influenced on the e-commerce platform) .

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