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Ai-Commerce Verify

Reviews offer companies the opportunity to collect and present customer reviews visibly in the AI ​​Commerce Cloud online store. Reviews allow customers to give star ratings for the products they have purchased or their experiences with the company. Reviews are publicly visible, so they provide an open forum for customers to express their opinions and experiences. This helps other consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Example AI Commerce Verify example below:


Online stores benefit from reviews in the following ways:

  1. Building trust: Positive reviews strengthen the company's reputation and increase trust among new customers.

  2. Collecting feedback: Reviews provide valuable feedback that companies can use to improve products or services.

  3. Improving customer service: Negative reviews provide an opportunity to react and fix potential problems, which can improve a company's customer service.

  4. Search engine visibility and marketing: Reviews improve the online store's search engine visibility and attract new customers.

In summary, reviews provide a tool that helps businesses build trust, collect feedback, and overall improve the customer experience online.

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