The "I order at the same time" function increases the average purchase with a product card

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The "I order at the same time" function on the product card helps customers find compatible products easily. This functionality is designed to grow the average store by providing customers with product recommendations that complement their cart content.

The main advantages of the function:

1. Increases middle trade: By offering compatible products, the function encourages customers to add more products to their cart, increasing the value of the order.

2. Improves the customer experience: Customers can easily find accessories and complementary products, which makes the shopping experience smoother and more pleasant.

3. Increase sales: The function allows sellers to present a wider range of products to customers and increase sales opportunities.

This is how the function works:

1. The customer selects the product and adds it to the shopping cart.

2. In the "I order at the same time" section, the product card shows recommendations for compatible and complementary products.

3. The customer can easily add the recommended products to the shopping cart with one click.

4. This process is repeated for each selected product, increasing the total value of the customer's Shopping Cart.

The "I order at the same time" function makes the shopping experience smoother and helps customers find complementary products effortlessly. It also provides an excellent opportunity for sellers to increase their sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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