Fully customizable online store checkout

Täysin kustomoitava kassasivu verkkokaupassa

AI Commerce's fully customizable cash register enables the complete customization of the checkout process according to customer needs. Unlimited input fields for different payment methods can be added to the checkout, which makes it especially useful for B2B customers and special situations.

Key benefits of the function

1. Customization of payment methods: The cash register supports versatile and suitable payment methods for special situations. These include the ability to enter additional information such as reference numbers or other necessary information that complements the normal order information.

2. Unlimited input fields: Possibility to add the necessary fields in connection with payment methods. For example, B2B customers can enter a reference number for the invoice.

3. Improve the customer experience: A customizable checkout ensures that customers can complete payment transactions smoothly and according to their needs.

4. More sales opportunities: Enables offering a more versatile selection of payment methods, which can attract new customers and improve existing customer satisfaction.

5. Complete Branding: A customizable checkout page allows merchants to customize the look and feel of the checkout page, such as fonts, colors, background images, and logos, to match the brand look. This helps create a consistent and recognizable customer experience

6. Optimized for conversions: The One Page Checkout structure minimizes Cart abandonment and improves the smoothness of the checkout process, which maximizes checkout conversions.

Example of checkout customization

The "employee bicycle" payment method shown in the screenshot above requires the customer to fill in two input fields to complete the order. The customer chooses a company bicycle as the payment method and fills in the following fields:

Broker's ID: The customer must enter the ID given by the bike's broker.

Employer: The customer must enter the name of his employer.

By filling in this information, the customer ensures that the order is processed with the correct information and that the payment arrangements for the employee bicycle are handled smoothly.

Image from the online store.

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