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This feature enables the customer to add more products directly to the offer basket. This innovative function offers the merchant flexibility and enables effective offer management and improving the customer experience.

Features of functionality:

  1. Customers can add products to the shopping cart as a request for an offer. This gives the customer the opportunity to negotiate prices or other details of the request for quotation before the actual purchase.

  2. Management of offers in the backend: The merchant can process and accept offers using an easy-to-use tool for online shopping in the backend . This gives the merchant full control over responding to requests for quotations.

  3. Product pricing modification: The merchant may modify product prices in response to requests for quotations to better suit the customer's needs.

  4. E-mail notifications: The merchant can send customers notifications about the acceptance of offers or changes by e-mail in connection with the request for a quote.

  5. Link to the checkout: The customer is sent a link directly to the checkout, where he can choose the delivery method he wants and make the final purchase after accepting the offer.

Photo: Offer request

Benefits for the online retailer:

  • Customer satisfaction: The integration of the request for quotation improves the customer experience by enabling interaction before the final purchase decision.
  • Flexibility in pricing: The merchant can adjust prices to better meet customer needs based on the request for quotation.
  • Efficient management: With the help of the backend tool, the merchant can efficiently manage and react to requests for offers in one place.
  • Fast communication: E-mail notifications and a direct link to the checkout enable fast and smooth communication with the customer.

This new functionality offers a significant advantage to online retailers, improving customer service and enabling more flexible pricing through requests for quotations.

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