Tallitukku's international success with AI Commerce Cloud

Tallitukun kansainvälinen menestys AI Commerce Cloudin avulla

Tallitukku is a well-known Finnish online store that serves domestic customers with a wide selection of horse and stable accessories. The company sought to expand to international markets, but faced several challenges, such as multilingual content, adapting the online store to different markets, and cultural challenges. The introduction of the AI ​​Commerce platform was a decisive step in the company's internationalization.

With the AI ​​Commerce platform, Tallituku's expansion into international e-commerce sales was achieved by localizing the original Finnish online store containing 2 million characters into ten different languages. In principle, this is not a small task, but with the help of AI tools, the translations were entered quickly and efficiently. Selected according to the customer DeepL interface, ensured high-quality and culturally appropriate translations.

AI Commerce - Country specific domain and Considering URL structure in translations

One of the unique features of the AI ​​Commerce platform is the consideration of URL structure in translations. For example, 🇫🇮 in Finland Domain and URL https:// tallitukku.fi/tuote /lagoon-blush-fleecetakki and 🇸🇪 in Sweden domain and The URL https:// houseofstables.se/produkt /lagoon-blush-fleecejacket was translated depending on the language into a format that was natural and search engine optimized for the target market. This significantly improved the customer experience and especially the visibility of search engines in different countries.

Other significant functionalities for internationalization

The AI ​​Commerce platform also brings with it other important internationalization tools. The online store automatically sets country-specific customs limits, complete currency support, country-specific value added taxes, and enables the display of currency by country, for example in euros, crowns or dollars. In addition, the platform recognizes which country the customer is from based on their IP address and thus offers a frictionless and personalized shopping experience.

Tallitukku's development work continues

Tallitukku's transition to the international market with the AI ​​Commerce platform was a clear success. However, in the world of online shopping, development work is continuous, and we continue to invest in improving the site to meet the demands of the ever-changing market. Customer satisfaction increased as customers from all over the world were able to enjoy a seamless and localized shopping experience. The company's sales grew significantly with new market areas, and Tallitukku established its position as a leading player in the international horse and stable supplies market. The flexibility and versatile features of the AI ​​Commerce platform proved that modern technology can be the key to success in global digital commerce.

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