Features and functions

We constantly invest in developing new features, improving performance and optimizing the user experience, so that we can offer our customers an even better online shopping experience.

Linkkaa tuotteita blogiartikkeleihin

Link products to blog articles

One of the most effective ways to increase product visibility and sales is to integrate products and product feeds directly into blog articles. This not only improves the user experience, but al...

AsiakaskokemusLisää promobanneri tuotekategoriaan

Add the promo banner to the product category

Promobanneri brings a visual advertising feature seamlessly into the product category. With a banner, you can highlight current campaigns and special offers. By using this innovative tool, you can ...

GDPR30-päivän alin hinta verkkokaupassa - Omnibus-direktiivi

30-day lowest price in online shopping - Omnibus Directive

The EU Omnibus Directive, which entered into force at the beginning of 2023, has modified the pricing practices of online stores. In the name of consumer protection and transparency, this regulati...

AsiakaskokemusAi-Commerce Verify

Product reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AI Commerce Cloud online store

Reviews offer companies the opportunity to collect and present customer reviews visibly in the AI ​​Commerce Cloud online store. Reviews allow customers to give star ratings for the products the...

KäytettävyysWordPress API –  SEO-optimoitujen artikkeleiden luominen verkkokauppaan

WordPress API - Creating SEO-optimized articles for your online store

The WordPress API offers the possibility to integrate content creation directly into the AI ​​Commerce Cloud online store. This combination not only provides flexibility for managing your online...

AsiakaskokemusAi-commerce Faq

FAQ Master - Effective customer service in your online store

AI Commerce's FAQ Master plugin offers the online retailer an efficient and easy-to-manage way to create interactivity in the online store. Manage frequently asked questions (FAQ) effortlessly, of...

AsiakaskokemusAicommerce tuotekuvat

The online store optimizes the format of product images

Online retailers no longer have to worry about managing images of different sizes or formats at all. Now the images uploaded to the online store can be in any format, be it WebP, JPG, PNG or anoth...

SEOSPA (Single-Page-Application)

SPA (Single-Page-Application)

We renewed the architecture of our online shopping platform to use the latest and fastest technology. The AI ​​Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform is a reactive SPA (Single-Page-Application). T...

KäytettävyysAI Commerce Chat saatavilla

AI Commerce Chat available

Since load time is one of the most significant, if not the single most significant variable in terms of SEO, it is important to keep the load time as short as possible. AI Commerce Live Chat does ...