Limit product searches with custom attributes

Rajaa tuotehaut mukautetuilla attribuuteilla

In the AI ​​Commerce Cloud online store, you can define an unlimited number of product attributes. Attributes are an integral part of product management and presentation.

Their use offers several important advantages for both online retailers and customers:

  1. Can contain information such as product name, price, description, color, size, weight, material and any other relevant information that is significant in terms of defining the product.

  2. Each attribute has associated attribute values, such as "red" or "blue" as a color, "cotton" or "polyester" as a material.

  3. You can create custom attributes that meet the needs of specific products or product groups.

Overall, the use of attributes in an online store enhances product presentation, improves customer navigation, offers a more personalized experience and helps merchants provide better customer service. Due to these advantages, the use of attributes is very useful and recommended in online shopping.

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