Customized B2B pricing models - Add flexibility and efficiency to business sales

Räätälöidyt B2B-hinnoittelumallit – Lisää joustavuutta ja tehokkuutta yritysmyyntiin

With AI Commerce Cloud, you can implement versatile B2B pricing models that enable individually targeted offers and prices for different customer groups. Thanks to possible ERP integration, pricing models are always up-to-date and synchronized with your company's internal contracts. In this article, we delve into the usefulness of different pricing models and give concrete examples of their use.

Customer group-specific pricing – Targeted value for the customer

You can assign customers to different customer groups, which allows you to offer targeted discounts within groups. You can set discounts by product category or brand.

Example: X customer group benefits from a 15 percent discount on all Milwaukee brand drills for a limited period.

This approach is great when you want to customize discounts for specific customer groups, such as industry players or volume buyers. Pricing modified in this way communicates the customer's appreciation and supports the building of sustainable customer relationships. Enables flexible and dynamic pricing for different customer groups, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Contract-specific price list - Stability and predictability

With the contract-specific price list, you can agree with the customer on a fixed 10% discount for the purchase of a certain product series. This pricing model is important for long-term partnerships where stability and predictability are key.

Example: Imagine a situation where you have signed a contract with a large construction company. In this context, it is possible to assign a fixed 10% discount on all DeWalt power tools to the company in question in the AI ​​Commerce Cloud system. When this business customer makes purchases from the product line under the agreement, the discount is automatically applied to their purchases.

This pricing model is especially valuable in maintaining long-term partnerships, providing stability and predictability to the customer's procurement process. It strengthens trust and deepens the relationship between the company and the customer, ensuring mutual benefits and clear terms without the need for constant price negotiations.

Wholesale prices for business customers - Pricing model preferred by large companies

With the wholesale price discount for business customers, you can give, for example, a 20% discount on the wholesale price when the order exceeds a certain amount. An excellent model for companies that order large quantities of products either for resale or for their own use.

Example: Let's imagine a situation where a manufacturer of electronics products offers special wholesale prices to electronics stores. If the store orders more than 1000 units of any product from the selection, it automatically receives a 20% discount on the wholesale price of these products. This pricing strategy is specifically aimed at large retailers and corporate customers who purchase large quantities of products either for their warehouse or for resale.

This model is ideal because it encourages large orders, which benefits both the manufacturer and the retailer. The manufacturer is assured of large order lots and can optimize its production processes, while the retailer benefits from significantly reduced prices, which improves its competitiveness in the market and enables better margins on sold products.

Volume Discounts – Reward for growing your Shopping Cart

With volume discounts, you can entitle the customer to receive a 5% discount on the purchase of five products and a 15% discount on the purchase of 20 products. Perfect for when you want to encourage customers to buy more at once.

Example: Imagine an online store that sells professional kitchen equipment for restaurants and catering companies. This store utilizes volume discounts to encourage the purchase of larger lots. When a restaurant or catering company orders five or more of any product, such as quality knives, they receive a 5% discount on the value of the entire order. If the order grows and exceeds the limit of 20 products, the discount percentage increases to 15%.

This model is especially useful for business customers, as it not only provides them with financial savings, but also encourages them to make larger purchases at once, which in turn helps the online store to increase its sales and reduce logistics costs. Customers benefit from significant savings, and the online store is able to improve its inventory management and strengthen its customer relationships by offering tangible added value.

Product bundle – Upsell with customized bundle offers

In product bundles, several products can be combined into a package that combines, for example, a machine, monitor and peripherals and they are offered at a special price. This model is suitable when you want to promote cross-selling and offer customers an easy way to obtain compatible products without the help of a salesperson.

Example : Let's say an electronics store launches a "Beginner's Gaming Kit" product bundle that includes a high-end gaming PC, a high-resolution 24-inch monitor, and a high-quality gaming headset. Normally, the total price of these products would be 1500 euros, but the Special Price of the bundle package is 1200 euros. This offer appeals to both seasoned players and beginners looking for a hassle-free way to upgrade or assemble their gaming gear. Customers appreciate the opportunity to save money and time, while the business increases its sales by offering a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of players. In addition, since the customer does not have to rely on the salesperson's help in choosing suitable products, bundle packages make the shopping experience faster and smoother, improving customer satisfaction at the same time. Promotes the combined sale of products and increases the customer's ability to try new product categories, which increases both sales and customer satisfaction.

Discount codes for business customers - Agile campaigning

With the help of sale codes, you can offer your business customers customized prices for certain products and exclude certain products from the discount. You can specify when the discounts will take effect in the future and how long they will be valid.

Example: Suppose you have an online store that sells office supplies and equipment to business customers. You want to increase the sales of ergonomic office chairs, which you know improve the well-being and efficiency of employees. You decide to create a discount code that offers 20% off all ergonomic office chairs for the next month. At the same time, you decide that this discount code does not apply to already discounted products or other top offers, so that you can better control the hairdresser's profitability.

You are sending this discount code by email to a selected customer list, which includes companies that have previously shown an interest in improving their work environment. In the message, you emphasize the benefits of ergonomic chairs and how the right kind of office furniture can positively affect daily work. This will not only increase chair sales during the promotional period, but also strengthen your relationship with customers by providing them with valuable benefits that support their business.

Discount codes offer the opportunity for quick and targeted pricing, especially during launches or seasonal sales.

Offer counter for companies - One-off special offers

The customer can create a package of the online store's products and send a request for a quote for it through the online store, or alternatively you can create one-time offers for the customer that they can accept and pay from the online store at a special price.

Example: Let's imagine that you own an electronics online store that sells various consumer electronics products - such as smart TVs, audio equipment and game consoles. Your client, who is planning a home theater room, wants to combine several products: a high-end smart TV, a surround sound system and the latest generation game console. The customer uses the function of your online store to create the product package they want and sends this configuration directly as a request for quotation.

In response to this request for quotation, you analyze the compatibility and availability of the products and then create a one-time offer containing a special price for this set. The offer is sent to the customer by e-mail as a link, by clicking which he goes directly to the payment page of the online store, where the offer has already been activated. The customer can accept the offer and make the payment at a special price, which makes the shopping experience both personal and effortless.

Summary of AI Commerce business pricing models

With the help of AI Commerce Cloud, you can combine all these pricing models into one smooth and efficient entity that supports your company in all stages of its growth and development. Whether it's customer group-specific discounts or volume-based pricing, our system helps you customize offers to each customer's needs, maximizing both customer satisfaction and your business's efficiency. Note The list is not complete and if you need a certain functionality, contact us and ask - it might already be implemented!

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