Add the promo banner to the product category

Lisää promobanneri tuotekategoriaan

Promobanneri brings a visual advertising feature seamlessly into the product category. With a banner, you can highlight current campaigns and special offers. By using this innovative tool, you can easily increase the visibility of, for example, extended payment periods , loyalty programs or highlight selected product groups. You can optimize the effectiveness of your campaign by taking advantage of the flexible nature of Promobanner - modify the CTA buttons and links according to your needs or leave them out to create a simpler visual message.

How does a promo banner improve the user experience?

The focus of the user experience is ease and adaptability. Promobanner can be managed directly in conjunction with product category management , enabling quick updates and giving you full control over your advertising campaigns. It's easy to implement: upload an image and enter the text and target page, and the feature is automatically activated, bringing your ad to customers.

SEO benefits for Promobanner

When you optimize the content of your Promobanner with keywords such as "discount sales", "vip customer offers", or "latest product collections", you help your customers find what they are looking for - and at the same time increase your online store's ranking on search engine results pages. This increase in SEO value is critical to your digital visibility, leading to more traffic and better conversions.

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