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Finndetector is Finland's largest specialized wholesaler of metal detectors. The company operates only through the online store, serving Finland's largest retailers and supplying metal detectors and detectors, cable detectors, magnetic locators and super magnets with accessories for hobbyists and professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

Finndetector uses the innovative functions offered by AI Commerce to meet the special needs of the wholesale trade. Here is an example of how AI Commerce's solutions have helped Finndetector to improve its operations and improve the customer experience.

Challenges and needs

Finndetector needed an online store solution that can handle large order volumes and offer customized services for different customer groups. Especially in wholesale, it is important to be able to offer customer-specific prices, volume discounts and fast order processing.

Functions developed for the needs of the wholesale trade

The functions designed for AI Commerce's wholesale online store perfectly met Finndetector's needs:

  1. Customer-specific pricing: Finndetector can set different prices for different customer groups. This has enabled discounts for large subscribers and company-specific pricing, which has improved customer satisfaction.
  2. Quotation request function: The ability to easily request quotations for larger orders has made the sales process more efficient and the management of large orders easier.
  3. Volume discounts: Automatic discounts for larger order quantities have encouraged customers to place larger orders, which has increased sales.
  4. Order renewal: Customers can easily repeat their previous orders, which saves time and reduces errors related to order processing.
  5. Accurate inventory information: Real-time inventory balances and delivery time estimates have improved inventory management and customer service.
  6. Multi-user accounts: Several people from the same company can use the same customer account with different access rights, which has improved the ordering process for business customers.
  7. Order tracking and logistics: The ability to track orders and receive real-time updates on deliveries has improved delivery reliability and customer satisfaction.
  8. Customer-specific offers: Customized offers and campaigns for specific customers have increased customer loyalty and sales.
  9. Buying directly from the list view: The possibility to buy products directly from the product list without changing the product page has speeded up purchasing transactions and improved the user experience.
  10. Store managers in the shopping cart: Automated gifts or discounts when purchase limits are exceeded have increased the value of the shopping experience and encouraged larger orders.
  11. Up sale functions: Complementary products, product packages and "order at the same time" functions have increased the average purchase and improved sales.
  12. Multi-warehouse support: The ability to manage multiple warehouses and their inventory balances has made logistics and inventory management more efficient.
  13. Reporting and analytics: In-depth reports on sales, customer behavior and inventory status help you make better business decisions.
  14. Multi-Channel Selling: Selling on multiple channels like website, mobile app and marketplaces will bring more visibility and customers.
  15. Integrations and APIs Easy integration with ERP systems, accounting software and other business critical systems.

Thanks to AI Commerce's highly automated solutions, Finndetector has been able to offer its customers an even better and more efficient shopping experience. Customized pricing, smooth order processing and versatile payment methods have increased customer satisfaction and sales. In addition, automated processes have reduced the amount of manual work and errors, which has improved efficiency.

Finndetector's success story is an excellent example of how AI Commerce's online wholesale solutions can bring significant benefits to wholesalers and their customers.

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