Personalized PDF invoice, order confirmation and receipt machine copies

Personoitu PDF-lasku, tilausvahvistus ja kuittikonekopiot

AI Commerce has introduced new features that allow you to print a 70mm wide receipt suitable for a receipt machine and a personalized PDF invoice/order confirmation for orders. These improvements make order processing even smoother and more professional.

A receipt suitable for a receipt machine

Orders can now be printed with a 70mm wide receipt suitable for a receipt machine. This feature makes it especially easy for brick-and-mortar stores and other businesses that use receipt machines in their daily operations. The receipt is printed quickly and clearly, making the customer's transaction faster and more efficient.

Personalized PDF invoice or order confirmation

A personalized PDF invoice or order confirmation is automatically sent to the customer when the order is placed. This document serves as an important piece of evidence for both the client and the company, and it can be customized to match your company's brand and needs. The PDF order confirmation can also be resent from the control panel if you make changes to it and want to send an updated version to the customer.

Easy retransmission from the control panel

Resending the PDF order confirmation is now possible directly from the control panel. This feature is especially useful in situations where the original order confirmation needs to be modified, and an updated version is to be sent to the customer. Resending is quick and effortless, which improves the customer experience and saves time.


AI Commerce's new features make order processing even more efficient and flexible. Receipts and personalized PDF invoices or order confirmations suitable for the receipt machine improve customer service and make the company's operations more efficient. Take advantage of these new features and take your online store to the next level.

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