Create unlimited customizable forms for your online store

Luo rajattomasti kustomoitavia lomakkeita verkkokauppaan
In the AI ​​Commerce online store, you can create unlimited customizable forms for the online store. The forms bring versatile benefits to both the merchant and the customer. Customizable forms offer a flexible way to collect important customer information that helps personalize the customer experience and improve the quality of service. For example, with the help of questionnaires, feedback forms or various participation forms, Online Stores can create customer segments, gather valuable feedback, understand customer needs better and respond quickly to market changes.

In addition, with the help of customizable forms, Verkkokaupats can offer individual services, such as contract requests, special delivery instructions or product-specific inquiries, which enhance customer service and improve customer satisfaction. Forms also enable easier processing of complex orders and help companies collect important data for optimizing marketing and sales strategies.

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