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The new "Add to request" function on the product card is now available below the "Add to cart" button. This feature is designed specifically for wholesalers and B2B merchants, offering a new way to manage and process large orders more efficiently.

The main advantages of the function:

1. Easy management of quotation requests: Customers can add several products to the quotation request directly from the product card, which makes it easier to place large and versatile orders.

2. Fast communication with sellers: When the customer sends a request for a quote, the sellers can respond to it via the online store, offering customer-specific prices and suggestions.

3. Custom pricing: Sellers can customize offers to meet customer needs, ensuring the best possible price and terms for individual orders.

4. Effortless order completion: Customers can complete their order directly at the online store's checkout after receiving and accepting the offer.

This is how the function works:

1. The customer selects the products he wants and adds them to the request for quotation using the "Add to request for quotation" button.

2. The customer sends the offer request to the seller via the online store's customer account.

3. The seller receives the offer request and can modify it, adding customer-specific prices and conditions.

4. The seller sends the modified offer back to the customer.

5. The customer checks the offer and can accept it, after which the order can be completed at the online store's checkout.

The new "Add to Request for Quotation" function facilitates the management of large orders and improves the customer experience by offering the possibility of customized offers and pricing. Image from the https://finndetector.com online store.

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