The add to favorites function improves the shopping experience

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The add to favorites function is available on the product card, enabling easy addition of products to favorites. This functionality enhances the customer experience by allowing customers to save products of interest for later review and purchase.

The main advantages of the function:

1. Easy product management: Customers can add products to favorites with one click, making it easier to find them later.

2. Improves the shopping experience: Products saved in favorites help customers compare and choose products at ease, which makes the shopping experience smoother.

3. Saves time: Customers can return to their favorites at any time and add them directly to the shopping cart, speeding up the purchase process.

4. Reminds you of interesting products: The Favorites list acts as a memory list that allows customers to easily keep track of products they are considering buying later.

This is how the function works:

1. The customer browses products in the online store.

2. The customer adds the interesting products to favorites by clicking the "Add to favorites" button on the product card.

3. The favorites list is easily accessible and customers can view, edit and delete their favorites at any time.

4. When the customer is ready to shop, he can go to his favorite list and add the products directly to the shopping cart.

The Add to Favorites function offers customers an easy way to save and manage products of interest, which improves the shopping experience and makes the shopping process more efficient.

Picture from the online store.

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