Link products to blog articles with a shortcode

Linkkaa tuotteita blogiartikkeleihin shortcodella

The functionality of the shortcode enables products to be easily embedded in blog articles, thus enhancing the commercial potential of SEO articles. This not only improves the visibility of the products, but also makes it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions.

What is Shortcode Functionality?

Shortcode is now part of AI Commerce, offering users the ability to easily and effortlessly add products to blog articles. Whether you want to introduce new products, offer special offers, or share your customers' favorite products, a shortcode makes it simple.

An example of using shorcode in an online store

Let's imagine that we want to introduce a new product to customers in a blog post. Instead of directing them to another tab of the online store through a separate link, we can now simply add the product with a shortcode directly to the article. This makes the customer experience smoother and more attractive.

Summary: Shortcode functionality in AI Commerce opens up new opportunities for product presentation and marketing. It makes the collaboration between blog content and e-commerce seamless, which benefits both customers and merchants.

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