Expanded conversions - New tools for more accurate measurement

Laajennetut konversiot – Uudet työkalut entistä tarkempaan mittaamiseen

Enhanced web conversions with Google Tag Compression Algorithm and Advanced Matching Meta Pixel. These features provide online retailers with even more detailed information about the performance of their advertising campaigns, while maintaining the privacy of customer data.

Accessing Extended Web Conversions with the Google Tag

Enhanced Web Conversions is a new feature in Google Ads that improves the accuracy of your conversion metrics by integrating aggregated first-party conversion data. This feature uses a secure one-way SHA-256 hashing algorithm to hash first-party customer data such as email addresses. After that, the summarized data is connected to the Google accounts of the logged-in users, which enables more accurate conversion tracking in your advertising campaigns.

Advanced matching with Meta pixel

AI Commerce Advanced Matching Using the Meta Pixel, you can significantly improve conversion tracking by enabling additional data, such as email addresses and phone numbers, in conversion tracking. This means you can create more precisely targeted audiences and optimize your ad displays to match customer behavior and preferences.

The benefits of extended online conversions for online shopping

  1. More accurate conversion measurement: You get access to more accurate attribution that tracks which ads or campaigns lead to final conversions – even when customers change devices or delay their purchase decision. This helps with attribution analysis and ROI (return on investment) calculations, ensuring you know exactly which channels are generating the best returns from your investments.
  2. Preservation of privacy: Even as you collect and share more conversion data, the compression method used protects customer data, ensuring that it does not end up in the wrong hands.
  3. Optimized ad campaigns: By better understanding where conversions are coming from, you can target your ad budget more effectively and maximize the ROI (return on investment) of your ad campaigns.
  4. Cross-device tracking: An online retailer can use cross-device tracking to understand how an individual customer interacts with their online store on several different devices. This makes it possible to create more consistent marketing messages and improve conversion tracking across device and channel boundaries.
  5. Better Targeting and Personalization: Use the collected data to create even more targeted and personalized advertising campaigns. This increases the effectiveness of advertising and improves the user experience, which in turn can increase customer loyalty and increase sales.
  6. Campaign Optimization: Take advantage of A/B testing and measuring campaign effectiveness with more accurate data in real-time. This enables faster and more data-driven decisions to adjust campaigns, which can mean greater savings and higher returns on your advertising investments.

    This powerful combination of Extended Online Conversions and Advanced Matching with Meta Pixel provides ecommerce with unprecedented precision in tracking and optimizing the results of your online advertising. Getting started is easy, and our expert team is ready to help you every step of the way.

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