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Käyttöliittymän drag & drop kustomointi avulla - Headless CMS

AI Commerce integrates seamlessly with, offering unprecedented possibilities for customizing the user interface (frontend) of the online store. This collaboration enables dynamic content management where users can customize and control the user interface without restrictions. Thanks to the drag & drop functionality, changes are intuitive and implementation is effortless, improving both usability and customer experience.

Take advantage of the already customized components of the online store enables the use of Kustom components already in the online store in the page builder, which enables a uniform brand look on every page. This not only speeds up the development process, but also improves the use of resources, enabling more versatile and visually appealing user interfaces.

Creating new pages is possible without coding skills

AI Commerce and support the continuous development of e-commerce by enabling the creation of new pages or editing of existing pages without coding skills. This feature opens the door for content creators and marketers to update and expand site content independently, strengthening brand visibility and engaging customers more effectively.

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Importing the design directly from Figma

Thanks to the Figma integration, you can import design plans directly via to the AI ​​Commerce e-commerce platform. This saves time and ensures that the visual look remains consistent across all digital commerce channels.

Extensibility with AI Commerce Open API

The AI ​​Commerce Open API offers extensive opportunities to integrate different CMS systems as part of the e-commerce ecosystem. This opens the door to more flexible content management and customization, allowing companies to choose the most suitable technologies and services for their own needs.

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