Store managers in the shopping cart -Improve the customer experience and increase the average purchase

Kaupanpäälliset ostoskorissa -Paranna asiakaskokemusta ja kasvata keskiostosta

The Kapanpäällite in shopping cart function gives customers the opportunity to get the Kapanpäällite with their order. This function is designed to improve the customer experience and encourage customers to increase the value of their shopping cart.

The main advantages of the function:

1. Improves the customer experience: Customers get added value to their orders in the form of shop assistants, which increases satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Increases the average purchase: By encouraging customers to increase the value of their shopping cart to receive transaction leads, the function helps to increase the average value of orders.

3. Promotes sales: Store managers can entice customers to place larger orders, which increases overall sales.

This is how the function works:

1. The customer adds products to the shopping cart.

2. In the shopping cart, the available shopping carts are displayed, which can be obtained after a certain purchase amount is exceeded.

3. The customer can see which dealers are available with his current purchase amount and which amounts can be obtained by exceeding the amount to get more dealers.

4. The customer can easily add the recommended products to the shopping cart to increase the value of the order and get sales leads.

The shopping cart function offers customers added value and encourages larger orders, which improves the customer experience and increases the average purchase in the online store.

Image from the online store.

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