Use favicons in navigation

Ai-commerce favicon

Using a favicon in navigation offers clear advantages by improving the user experience, strengthening the brand and helping the site stand out. In addition, it creates a professional and neat look to the website.

  1. Brand recognition: Favicon is a small icon 🔎 that helps create brand recognition and stand out from the competition.

  2. Better user experience: Favicon helps users identify the right tab in the tab bar faster. This helps visitors navigate between different tabs and find the right site quickly.

  3. Professional appearance: By adding a favicon, the website looks more finished and professional.

  4. Ease of use and recognition on mobile devices: Many mobile browsers use favicon to identify pages in navigation. In this way, users find the site more easily and stand out from other sites.

  5. Small size, big impact: Favicon is a small file, so adding it will not affect the site load time. It provides a useful and visible addition to the user experience with very little effort.

Photo: Ledstore.fi Ai-Commerce Favicon

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