Dynamic discounts for the front page

Dynaamiset alennukset etusivulle

The products on sale are dynamically and automatically available on the front page.

This feature provides the following benefits:

Dynamically and automatically displaying discounted products on the front page has several advantages in an online store:

  1. Attracting customers: When the products on sale are easily visible on the front page, they attract customers. Discounts can act as powerful enticements that encourage visitors to explore offers and make purchasing decisions.

  2. Increase sales: Discounts can increase sales because they can encourage customers to make purchases. When the products on sale are easily visible on the front page, it can increase the visibility of these products and thus their sales.

  3. Improving the user experience of the site: By showing the products on sale on the front page, you offer visitors a quick way to find offers. This makes using the site more pleasant and easier, as customers can immediately see potential savings.

  4. Stock recycling: Keeping discount products visible helps to empty the stock of older products or products for which demand has been low. This helps to reduce inventory turnover times and improves the introduction of newer products into the selection.

  5. Marketing and advertising opportunities: Discount displays on the front page can work as part of a marketing strategy. They can be part of advertising campaigns or provide an opportunity to market certain types of products, which can attract new customers and generate interest.

In addition to these benefits, displaying dynamic discounts on the front page can also help online retailers better track and analyze which products are popular when they are on sale, and which price level attracts the most customers.

Overall, this functionality can boost sales, improve customer experience, and help guide marketing strategy, making it extremely useful for e-commerce success.

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