Click and Collect - Show store availability in your online store

Click and Collect - Näytä myymälöiden saatavuudet verkkokaupassasi

With the Click & Collect functionality of the AI ​​Commerce online store, customers can check the availability of different stores for the products they want and book products to be picked up directly from the store. Thanks to this innovative solution, online store customers can now easily view the availability of different stores in real time and choose the pick-up point according to their preference. The functionality represents a significant step towards an even more seamless and user-friendly shopping experience, while meeting the multi-channel expectations of modern consumers when shopping online.

Why is the Click & Collect feature important?

1. Strengthen the customer experience: Customers appreciate the ability to see the availability of products in different stores in real time, which enables them to make planned and informed decisions in the purchase process, regardless of the channel.

2. Increase sales and reduce excess inventory: By allowing products to be reserved and picked up from different stores, AI Commerce helps retailers balance inventory levels and reduce excess inventory, which in turn can increase sales and improve profitability.

3. User-friendly booking process: An easy-to-use booking process that works seamlessly across all devices and browsers ensures that customers can complete their bookings without any problems, which improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Reduce the burden on customer service: Thanks to the Click & Collect feature, customers can see in real time not only the availability of products in different stores, but also the stock balances of different product attributes, such as size, color or other specific feature. This deep transparency reduces the need for customer service interventions in questions concerning the stock situation of products, and enables customers to make independent and informed purchasing decisions. As a result, the load on customer service is significantly reduced, and the team can better focus on other aspects of customer service, while the customer experience in your online store improves.

Development of the Click & Collect function

The AI ​​Commerce team is focused on developing the Click & Collect feature to meet the needs of both consumers and retailers. The starting point was to offer a solution that brings a deeper connection between the online store and the physical store, enabling the booking and collection of products smoothly and efficiently. The feature was designed from the beginning to be easily accessible on all devices, offering an excellent user experience regardless of which device the customer decides to use to make their reservation.

Test the Click & Collect functionality here.

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