Akeneo PIM and AI Commerce Cloud - Seamless Integration enhances online store sales

Akeneo PIM ja AI Commerce Cloud - Saumaton Integraatio tehostaa verkkokaupan myyntiä

Thanks to seamless integration, PIM, AI Commerce Cloud and the company's ERP system communicate with each other in real time, automating the update of product information, improving conversion and reducing the need for manual work.

Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management)

Akeneo PIM or (Product Information Management) acts as a centralized management system for product information in an online store, which enables seamless synchronization of product information in every channel — including the online store platform, ERP, store tags, social media channels, sales catalogs and other third-party integrations. Centralization facilitates management and reduces errors, and improves the consistency of product information across different sales and marketing channels.

Multichannel customer experience

By using PIM to manage product information, you can ensure the consistency and timeliness of product information across all sales and marketing channels, thus providing a unified brand experience for customers.

  • Technical data - Specifications, dimensions, colors, parts and other facts.
  • User information - Descriptions and instructions for use.
  • Emotional data - Manage compelling descriptions and product stories, communicate your brand's values ​​and attach relevant images, videos and documents to each product.

Akeneo PIM multi-channel product information helps to exceed the high expectations of today's consumers and B2B buyers. Customers using Akeneo have reported up to a 400% increase in conversion rates, which, combined with reduced returns, directly affects the company's bottom line.

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