30-day lowest price in online shopping - Omnibus Directive

30-päivän alin hinta verkkokaupassa - Omnibus-direktiivi

The EU Omnibus Directive, which entered into force at the beginning of 2023, has modified the pricing practices of online stores. In the name of consumer protection and transparency, this regulation requires the lowest price of the product for the last 30 days to be announced in discount pricing.

The Omnibus Directive in brief

The omnibus directive entered into force on January 1, 2023, is an EU extension to the consumer protection directive, aiming to improve the clarity of companies' price announcements. It targets generally available discounts, but excludes special loyalty offers and targeted discount codes.

Reducing misleading marketing

The purpose of the omnibus directive is to eliminate misleading marketing and to highlight honest discount percentages. Thanks to this, consumers are offered more transparency when making purchasing decisions.

30 day lowest price rule

The store must now state the lowest price at which the product has been marketed in the last 30 days if the product is sold at a discount. This applies to all commercial communications related to the product, including advertising and product page pricing.

60 day rule for discount campaigns

If the discount campaign lasts no more than 60 days, the store does not need to update the lowest price during the campaign. For campaigns lasting more than 60 days, the 30-day rule must be followed.

AI Commerce online store and 30-day lowest price

AI Commerce online stores automatically support the requirements of the Omnibus Directive, especially when it comes to discount campaigns lasting no more than 60 days. By default, the lowest price is displayed on product cards, and our customer service is ready to help if you want the price to be displayed elsewhere as well. If the discounted price set by the merchant is higher than the 30-day lowest price, our system uses the price found in the history as a reference price to calculate the discount percentage.

30-day lowest price in the online store

Campaign planning

Campaigns should be kept short, preferring campaigns lasting no more than 60 days that comply with the new directive. Merchants are responsible for keeping products on sale at normal prices between campaigns.

Non-applicable situations

The Directive's obligation to notify the lowest price does not apply in certain cases, such as the sale of services or the sale of perishable products.

More information and support

Read the guidelines of the Consumer Ombudsman for more information and familiarize yourself with the sale marketing checklist.

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